Album Listening Among Music Streamers is Down but Not Out

Deezer has surveyed UK music fans and found that 49% of people say they are listening to fewer albums in full than they were three to five years ago. 

Deezer surveyed 2,000 UK adults and found that just under half (42%) are putting their ‘favorited’ songs on shuffle or play individual tracks, with under 25s more likely to do this (55%). 

According to the survey, 15% of music fans under 25 have never listened to a full album. But a quarter of this age group believe being a fan of the artist is the driving force behind them wanting to listen to more albums in the future. 

Deezer’s streaming data shows the UK’s album listening time is now lower than the 26 minutes daily average worldwide – at just 17 minutes a day. However, 82% of survey participants have listened to a whole album from start to finish. The top places to listen included at home (53%), a car journey (32%) or on a walk (14%).

More than a quarter of listeners (27%) play an album the way the artist intended. 

Nearly three quarters of listeners (74%) confirmed they’re more likely to listen to an album in its entirety following an artist’s live performance. Another 32% listened ahead of a gig. Deezer saw an increase of over 30% in its UK streams of Backstreet Boys DNA album following the band’s performance at The SSE Hydro Glasgow in June.

Nigel Harding, VP of global artist marketing, said: “Albums can be a big part of feeling closer to your favourite artist. You can understand their story and truly appreciate the passion and craftsmanship that has gone into making the album. But it can be easy to fall into other habits when you’re short on time. We want to support the album by encouraging music listeners of all ages to take a little bit of time to really enjoy the music.”

Deezer conducted the survey to coincide with National Album Day on October 12.

Source: Deezer