Amazon Peaks While Facebook Flattens in Global Brand Study

Facebook slid again in a new report on the world’s most valuable brands, while the famous names of Amazon and Walt Disney gained.

Facebook fell out of the top 10 in Interbrand’s annual Best Global Brands report, dropping to 14th place from ninth as the estimated value of its brand declined 12% to $39.9 billion.

Interbrand, part of Omnicom Group Inc., says its report synthesizes elements including the financial performance of branded products or services, the role that brands play in purchasing decisions and brands’ ability to create loyalty.

By Interbrand’s estimation, the Facebook name grew steadily in value each year until 2017, when it earned eighth place.

But Facebook has now endured an onslaught of bad publicity, including the 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal, which revealed that users’ data had flowed beyond Facebook more freely than many people expected.

Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Top 10

  • No. 1 Apple, $234.2 billion (+9% in value)
  • No. 2 Google, $167.7 billion (+8%)
  • No. 3 Amazon, $125.3 billion (+24%)
  • No. 4 Microsoft, $108.8 billion (+17%)
  • No. 5 Coca-Cola, $63.4 billion (-4%)
  • No. 6 Samsung, $61.1 billion (+2%)
  • No. 7 Toyota, $56.2 billion (+5%)
  • No. 8 Mercedes-Benz, $50.8 billion (+5%)
  • No. 9 McDonald’s, $45.4 billion (+4%)
  • No. 10 Disney, $44.4 billion (+11%)

“The lack of trust in a brand, if it goes to the heart of its business model, is really going to affect a brand,” said Charles Trevail, global chief executive at Interbrand.

Marketers don’t treat outside rankings like Interbrand’s as solid financial data, but do keep an eye on the results.

“It is an outside-in view of how this community, this portion of the marketplace is looking at us,” said Jeff Hansen, general manager of brand strategy at Microsoft Corp., which Interbrand said boosted its brand value 17% to $108.8 billion to remain at No. 4. “And then complementing our own proprietary research and insights we do—It’s often nice to have a separate methodology and data points to complement our own insights.”

Amazon remained in third place on Interbrand’s rankings, behind No. 1 Apple Inc. and No. 2 Google. But Amazon’s brand value rose more quickly, by 24% to $125.3 billion. Disney moved to No. 10 from No. 14 with an 11% increase in brand value to $44.4 billion.