App Store Publishers Earn More than Google Play Publishers

Apple’s top app publishers are making 64% more income than those on Google Play, according to a report from mobile app analytics firm Sensor Tower.

During the first quarter of 2019, the report said the top 100 App Store publishers made $83.8 million in average gross income, while Google Play’s top publishers saw around $51 million.

Consumers spent $130 million during the quarter, compared with $33.9 million during the same quarter five years ago. Since 2014, Google Play has seen consumer spending rise 289%, while the Apple App Store has seen it grow by 291%, Sensor Tower said.

App Store publishers made even more when it came to non-gaming apps, out-earning their Google Play counterparts threefold, the report shows. People spent $23 million on non-gaming apps via Apple last quarter, and only $7 million on Google Play.

When it comes to gaming apps, Sensor Tower said the disparity is a little smaller, with App Store consumers spending $70 million and Google Play consumers spending $48 million in the quarter.

“The difference in average spending between the App Store and Google Play was closest here — but still greatly in favor of Apple,” Sensor Tower said.

Source: Cnet