Apple is Expected to Announce 5G iPhones in 2020

Apple Computer (NASDAQ: AAPL) is expected to offer 5G to iPhones in 2020, according to a report by analyst Ming-Cho Kuo, cited by TechCrunch and MacRumors. The report further supports rumors of Apple’s iPhone line-up missing out on 5G this year.

The analyst believes that two models — 5.4 inch (smaller than the current 5.8-inch iPhone XS) and 6.7-inch (larger than the current 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max) — will get 5G support beginning 2020. The mid-range 6.1-inch will continue to operate on LTE. However, all three models will have an OLED display.

Moreover, beginning 2021, all iPhone models will support 5G. Qualcomm QCOM and Broadcom AVGO are expected to supply 5G modems and RF power amplifiers, respectively.

Apple will undoubtedly be late in bringing 5G to its flagship iPhone compared with other prominent smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Huawei and Motorola.

However, limited coverage by wireless carriers is expected to dampen user adoption rate in 2019. This doesn’t bode well for these smartphone makers.

Source: Yahoo Finance