Apple Music Gives Artists More Streaming Data

Music marketing firm Linkfire has struck a deal with Apple Music to provide artists additional attribution data from the streaming service.

“Discover which of your links, channels, and activities are actually driving streams on Apple Music, and where those streams are coming from,” Apple Music said in a post announcing the deal. “You can now match your off-platform campaigns with on-platform behavior and cut down on budget burners.”

Linkfire allows artists to create “smart links” that direct fans to a landing page listing links to their music on different streaming services and retail sites. Under the new Apple Music deal, artists can now view data breaking down what fans listen to after clicking through to the service via the smart link.

Artists can now view a detailed breakdown of Apple Music streaming activity by releases and geography — the latter to “get a detailed picture” of their “worldwide fanbase” in order to better target tour dates and promotions. The specific release data includes both “direct products” (i.e. an artists’ own music) and “indirect products” (i.e. the music of other artists) that users listen to after clicking through the smart link.

The company notes that if a user navigates away from a “direct product” like a song targeted in a smart link but then goes on to play that same song through a different “inventory reference” like a playlist or album, the stream will be counted as an “indirect product.”

Source: Billboard