Apple Relaunches App Store Following Monopoly Claim From Spotify

Apple debuted a new website to show its support for app developers and just how much it welcomes competition from non-Apple apps, including those from companies that claim Apple is anti-competitive.

The new site comes as Apple deals with a formal complaint from Spotify, alleging it used the App Store to institute policies to reduce consumer choices in music-streaming apps and make it difficult for developers to create apps that compete against Apple.

On the site, the company stresses that it welcomes competition because it “makes everything better and results in the best apps for our customers.” Apple said that its emphasis on competition benefits app-developer rivals because “even though other stores have more users and more app downloads, the App Store earns more money for developers.”

To underscore its views on competition, Apple showed how it offers options for customers who prefer apps that are different from those Apple produces. For example, under the heading of “Music,” Apple showed the icon for its Apple Music service and also icons for Amazon Music, Pandora and YouTube Music.

It also had one for Spotify, which is suing Apple for anti-competitive practices.

Apple didn’t mention Spotify’s complaints. Instead, the company touted that it is open to any apps from any developer, as long at those meet the company’s guidelines.

Source: The Mercury News