Australia’s Optus Telecom Adds Apple Music to Mobile Plans

Optus Telecom is giving new and re-contracting customers in Australia a 12-month subscription to Apple Music on select post-paid mobile plans.

Once activated, Optus customers will have full access to 50 million songs to stream over the Optus network, WiFi, or download.

Music partnerships have long been a strategy among telecom service providers to acquire new customers.

Telstra, Australia’s largest telecom provider, includes free streaming of Apple Music when linked to an Apple ID. The offer is also open to post-paid, pre-paid and mobile broadband customers.

Optus’ VP, TV, content & product development, Clive Dickens, says its new Apple Music will help more Australians connect and “share the joys of streaming music” on its network.

“With this new exclusive offer, we are aiming to introduce more Australians to the ease and convenience of finding a classic favorite or discovering brand new songs and artists with Apple Music, whether in the car, at home or at work,” says Dickens

Source: Optus