Bollywood YouTube Channel First Ever to Hit 100 Million Subscribers

Bollywood music has made streaming history by reaching 100 million subscribers on its YouTube channel, T-Series, making it the first channel on the platform to earn as many subscribers.

T-Series is a record label and film production agency in India founded in 1983 by the late Bollywood movie producer Gulshan Kumar.

The company joined YouTube in 2010 with 100 million fans among India’s quickly growing online population and with dominance on the entertainment market. T-Series operates several channels hosting music videos and film trailers in Hindi, and also content in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The rapid growth of T-Series—including hitting 50 million subscribers less than a year ago on June 27, 2018—also speaks to Bollywood’s growing audience outside of India. In 2018, the New York Times reported that “just less than half of T-Series’ traffic comes from India, with 12% coming from the United States.”

Source: Forbes