Japanese CD Album Production at All-time Low

The annual output of CD albums in Japan sank below 100 million in 2018 for the first time as more people in Japan listen to music on streaming services.

The nation’s CD album production, which totaled 88.65 million copies last year, peaked at 276.33 million in 2000, according to nationwide survey data released by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ). Production has been declining as popular domestic musicians have started delivering their music through streaming services.

Music media including CDs and videos still accounted for 80 percent of total music sales in Japan in value last year, the RIAJ said.

Album downloads, single tracks and music videos grew 13 percent in 2018 from the previous year to ¥64.5 billion, increasing for the fifth straight year, according to the association.

The RIAJ also reports that 65.9 percent of respondents used YouTube to listen to music, while 48.6 percent said they listened to CDs.