Comcast is First ISP to Join Global Anti-piracy Alliance

Comcast has become the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) to join the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) anti-piracy coalition.

Along with Viacom, which also joined ACE this week, the company takes its place among almost three dozen content creation and distribution companies in the world’s most formidable anti-piracy alliance.

The ACE has been intensifying its pirate-targeting operations lately. This latest development will impact mainly the U.S. piracy scene. ACE is exclusively designed to target existing and developing entertainment video piracy operations on a global scale. After years of protecting their own content from unlicensed reproduction and distribution, 30 of the world’s most powerful media companies came together to form ACE in 2017.

Led by the MPAA (now MPA), the companies declared a pooling of resources to tackle piracy more efficiently. Since then, ACE has added several new members to bolster its ranks.

“As the parent companies of two of our original members, they have been supporters of our efforts and numerous successes, but now as members, they will strengthen the legal and operational work we’re able to do to reduce the threat of piracy and support creators.”

NBCUniversal, Sky, and Telemundo have been members of ACE since its formation, and all three of them are owned by Comcast.

Source: ACE