Deezer Study Unlocks Key to Music Therapy

A new study commissioned by Deezer in collaboration with the British Academy of Sound Therapy has discovered the ‘Recommended Daily Allowance,’ or “RDA” for music as part of a healthy mind and body lifestyle.

The global study of over 7,500 people, looked at the relationship between music and mental and physical well-being by studying various factors including styles, mood and genre.

The experiment concluded that, to feel the healthy benefits from music, listeners need:

  • 14 minutes of uplifting music (user’s choice) to feel happy (18% of your musical RDA)
  • 16 minutes of calming music (user’s choice) to feel relaxed (20.5% of your music RDA)
  • 16 minutes of music (user’s choice) to overcome sadness (20.5% of your music RDA)
  • 15 minutes of motivating music (user’s choice) to aid concentration (19% of your music RDA)
  • 17 minutes of music (user’s choice) to help manage anger (22% of your music RDA)

The study analyzed how people use music to process emotions. Relaxation was the most common emotional benefit (90%), followed by happiness (82%) as well as overcoming sadness (47%). A further third (32%) of participants used music to help them concentrate, while over a quarter (28%) deal with anger through their tunes.

The study found that on average, people should listen to music for 11 minutes to enjoy its therapeutic benefits. The only exception was happiness – participants reported feeling happier within just five minutes of listening to joyful tunes.

Participants also reported feeling more satisfied with life (86%), having more energy (89%) and laughing more (65%) after listening to ‘feel-good’ songs.

Source: Deezer