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In the Subscriptions Game, Student Plans are More than Back-to-School BargainsAugust 13, 2019Featured, Marketing
2008 Universal Vault Fire Stirs Up Lawsuits, Valuation ConcernsJune 18, 2019Deals, Financial, Legal, Previous Week
5G and AI-powered Devices to Fuel Record Consumer Tech Sales in U.S.July 23, 2019Consumer Electronics, Featured, Industry, Technology
5G Smartphones will Surpass 4G Phones by 2023July 2, 2019Consumer Electronics, Market Watch
Alibaba Wants to Expand Its Massive Global Gala WorldwideJuly 16, 2019Market Watch, Marketing, World
Amazon Music Cuts First Cable TV Deal with ComcastJune 25, 2019Consumer Electronics, Deals, Previous Week
Amazon Music is Now the Fastest-growing ServiceJuly 16, 2019Previous Week
Amazon Plans to Release a Premium Echo Speaker by Next YearJuly 16, 2019Consumer Electronics, Market Watch
Amazon Shareholders Reject Facial Recognition Ban, MostlyMay 28, 2019Market Watch, Technology
Another U.S. State Aims to Tax Music StreamingMarch 5, 2019Financial, Industry, Legal, Previous Week
App Store Publishers Earn More than Google Play PublishersJune 25, 2019Market Watch
Apple Accused of Selling iTunes and Apple Music User DataMay 28, 2019Legal, Previous Week
Apple iPhone Shipments Drop 42% in IndiaJuly 9, 2019Consumer Electronics, Market Watch, World
Apple is Expected to Announce 5G iPhones in 2020June 18, 2019Consumer Electronics, Market Watch
Apple Music Edges Spotify for Paid U.S. SubscribersApril 23, 2019Deals, Featured, Financial, Services
Apple Music Extends Student Free Trial to Six MonthsJuly 16, 2019Marketing, Previous Week
Apple Music Launches “Hi-Res” Digital Remaster CatalogAugust 13, 2019Content, This Week
Apple Music Subscriptions Now Exceed 60 MillionJuly 2, 2019Previous Week
Apple Music Takes Artist Analytics Tool MainstreamAugust 13, 2019This Week
Apple Relaunches App Store Following Monopoly Claim From SpotifyJune 4, 2019Legal, This Week
Apple Retires iTunes, Creates Separate Music, TV, Podcast Apps on macOSJune 4, 2019Featured
Apple Says It Collects Fees for Less Than 1% of Spotify’s SubscribersJuly 2, 2019Previous Week
Apple Stock Slides on EU App Store InvestigationMay 7, 2019Financial, Market Watch, World
Apple’s New Macbook Includes Next-gen Price TagMay 28, 2019Consumer Electronics, Market Watch, Marketing
AT&T Adds Spotify to Premium Entertainment OptionsAugust 6, 2019Content, Deals, Previous Week
Australia’s Optus Telecom Adds Apple Music to Mobile PlansJuly 23, 2019Deals, Marketing, Previous Week
Big Tech Digs in Before California Data Privacy Regulations Become OfficialJuly 2, 2019Legal, Market Watch
Bitcoin Surges, then Falls, After Facebook AnnouncementJuly 2, 2019Financial, Market Watch, Technology
Blockchain Gets Official Office in BeijingMay 7, 2019Legal, Market Watch, World
Bollywood YouTube Channel First Ever to Hit 100 Million SubscribersJune 4, 2019Market Watch, World
ByteDance Plans Data Center in IndiaJuly 23, 2019Market Watch, World
ByteDance Plans Music App and Smartphone as Chinese Competition IntensifiesMay 28, 2019Consumer Electronics, Featured, World
California Bill Aims to Regulate Smart SpeakersJune 4, 2019Industry, Market Watch
Canadian PRO Delivers Record Payout to Member CreatorsJune 25, 2019Previous Week, World
Consumers Willing to Pay More for 5GMay 14, 2019Consumer Electronics, Industry, Market Watch, Technology
Copyright Royalty Board Will Audit TuneInJune 18, 2019Legal, Previous Week
Credit Cards Reward Music Streaming SubscribersJune 4, 2019Marketing, Previous Week
Crowdfunder PledgeMusic Goes OfflineJuly 30, 2019Market Watch, Marketing
Data Speed Holds Africa Back as Streaming’s Newest Big Frontier, For NowJuly 30, 2019Featured, World
Deezer Lets Users Add Song Lyrics to InstagramJune 25, 2019Content, Previous Week
Disney Classics Get Their Own Spotify HubJuly 23, 2019Content, Deals, Previous Week
Epidemic Sound Raises $20 Million for Expansion to New MarketsJuly 9, 2019Deals, Financial, Market Watch, World
Ericsson: 5G Controversy Holding Back IndustryMay 7, 2019Industry, Market Watch, Technology
Ethiopia is Launching a Native-built Music Streaming ServiceJune 11, 2019Previous Week
EU High Court Rules on Social Like and Share ButtonsJuly 30, 2019Legal, Market Watch, World
Facebook Announces Plan for Financial System Using CryptocurrencyJune 18, 2019Financial, Market Watch, Technology
First African-made Music Streaming Service LaunchesMay 7, 2019Services, World
First-ever Media Token Gets $100 Million InvestmentMay 28, 2019Financial, Market Watch, Technology
French Music Streaming Grows in First Half of 2019July 30, 2019Industry, Previous Week, Research
Gaana’s Instant App Doesn’t Need DownloadingAugust 6, 2019Marketing, Previous Week, World
German Music Industry is Growing at Fastest Rate Since the NinetiesJuly 16, 2019Industry, Previous Week, World
Global Music Industry Puts New Pressure on Piracy and FraudJune 25, 2019Featured, Industry, Legal
Global Smartwatch Shipments Jump to 12 Million UnitsAugust 13, 2019Consumer Electronics, Market Watch
Google Ordered to Stop Reviewing Voice AI RecordingsAugust 6, 2019Legal, Market Watch, Technology
Google Pulls Back Support to Huawei SmartphonesMay 21, 2019Consumer Electronics, Industry, Market Watch
Google Sources Say It has Acquired 15 Million SubscribersMay 14, 2019Previous Week, Services
High-res Audio Surging Among Labels, Says RIAAMay 7, 2019Technology
How Tencent Music is Already Reshaping Music StreamingMay 21, 2019Featured, World
Huawei Takes Apple in Smartphone Market ShareMay 7, 2019Market Watch, World
iHeartMedia Eyes IPO After BankruptcyApril 1, 2019Financial, Market Watch, Services
iHeartMedia Launchs Podcasts Globally in Native LanguagesAugust 13, 2019Content, Market Watch, World
Indian Politicians Call for a Ban on Video-sharing App TikTokJuly 16, 2019Content, Market Watch, World
iPhone App Lawsuit Can Proceed, Says High CourtMay 14, 2019Legal, Market Watch
Japanese CD Album Production at All-time LowMay 14, 2019Market Watch, World
KFC Rolls Out Branded Playlist on Streets of ParisMay 28, 2019Marketing, Previous Week
Landr Raises $26 Million for its AI-powered Creative PlatformJuly 23, 2019Deals, Market Watch, Technology
Major U.S. Music Artists Form Lobbying GroupAugust 6, 2019Industry, Previous Week
Merlin Reveals 63% Increase in Indie Label Revenue DistributionsJuly 2, 2019Previous Week, Research
Millennials Listen to Audio More than Any Other GenerationJune 25, 2019Previous Week, Research
Millennials Prefer Video Game Subscriptions Over Pay TV, Says DeloitteJune 18, 2019Consumer Electronics, Market Watch
More DJ and Music Streaming Integrations AnnouncedMay 21, 2019Deals, Previous Week
Music AI Could be the Industry’s Newest Innovation IncubatorJuly 9, 2019Featured, Research, Technology
Music AI Start-up Boomy Launches Song Creation ToolJuly 30, 2019Market Watch
Music Streaming Boosts Universal Music Group RevenueJuly 30, 2019Financial, Previous Week
Music Streaming Spikes Italian Music Revenue GrowthAugust 13, 2019This Week, World
Music Streaming Subscriptions SurgeMarch 5, 2019Industry, Previous Week
Music Streaming to Fuel More Growth Than ForecastedJune 11, 2019Industry, Previous Week
Netflix has Nearly Exhausted U.S. Subscriber Growth, Says ReportJune 11, 2019Market Watch
Netflix is Launching a Cheaper Mobile-only Plan in IndiaJuly 23, 2019Market Watch, World
Netflix Raises Prices Among UK SubscribersJune 4, 2019Market Watch
New Research Says Smart Speaker Ownership has FallenJune 18, 2019Market Watch
New U.S. Privacy Bill Would Allow Consumers to Block All WebsitesMay 21, 2019Legal, Market Watch
Nielsen: a Half-trillion Music Streams in the U.S. in the First Half of 2019July 2, 2019Industry, Previous Week, Research
Nigeria’s Music Industry Revenue to Hit $50 Million By 2020June 25, 2019Market Watch, Research
Officials Warn Facebook’s Libra is Light on PrivacyAugust 6, 2019Market Watch, Technology
Pandora Brand Campaign Shifts to Summer ModeMay 28, 2019Marketing, Previous Week
Pandora Launches a New Native App for MacMay 21, 2019Previous Week
Pandora Launches Audio Consultancy for AdvertisersJune 18, 2019Marketing, Previous Week
Pandora Launches Voice Mode Hands-free AssistantJuly 30, 2019Previous Week
Pandora Partners with Live-event Giant, TicketmasterMay 7, 2019Deals, Marketing
Pay TV Suffers Dramatic Subscriber Losses in the U.S.May 21, 2019Consumer Electronics, Industry, Market Watch
Podcast Growth Will Continue, Says Global ReportMay 7, 2019Market Watch
Privacy a Work in Progress on GDPR AnniversaryMay 28, 2019Industry, Market Watch
Qobuz High-res Audio Joins U.S. Music MarketJune 11, 2019Previous Week, World
Rewards Platform Pays Music Streaming Users for ListeningJune 18, 2019Marketing, Previous Week
Rhapsody Adds MQA Quality to Napster PlatformMay 14, 2019Previous Week, Services, Technology
Rights Lawsuit Against Apple and Others Alleges “Massive Music Piracy”May 21, 2019Legal, Market Watch
Roku Earnings Surge on Ad-Supported StrategyMay 14, 2019Financial, Market Watch, Marketing
Rolling Stone Finally Launches Its Music ChartsJuly 9, 2019Content, Previous Week
Rolling Stone Postpones Music Streaming ChartMay 14, 2019Content, Previous Week
Russia Opens Antitrust Inquiry Into Apple App StoreAugust 13, 2019Legal, Market Watch
Russia Raises $2 Billion for AIJune 4, 2019Market Watch, World
Russia’s Yandex Doubles Music Subscriptions Ahead of Spotify EntryJune 11, 2019Featured, World
Russian Streaming Growth More Than DoublesMay 28, 2019Previous Week, World
Samsung launches Bixby Marketplace in the U.S. and KoreaJuly 9, 2019Consumer Electronics, Market Watch, Marketing
Scooter Braun Buys Big Machine, Owner of Taylor Swift’s albumsJuly 2, 2019Deals, Market Watch
Services Challenge Fairness of Apple App-fee SystemMarch 12, 2019Financial, Legal, Marketing, Previous Week
SiriusXM Adds 100 New Streaming ChannelsMarch 5, 2019Content, Previous Week, Services
SiriusXM Adds Dedicated Pandora Content TeamMarch 12, 2019Content, Previous Week, Services
SiriusXM Gives Users Major Personalization UpgradeJuly 16, 2019Content, Previous Week
SiriusXM Makes It Easier in Canada to Listen Without a CarJuly 2, 2019Content, Previous Week, World
Slow India Economy Awaits National Election ResultsMay 21, 2019Market Watch, World
Snapchat Wants To License Urban Music BopsJune 11, 2019Content, Market Watch
Sonos Strikes Commercial Soundtrack Streaming DealMay 21, 2019Deals, Previous Week
Sony Celebrates Birth of Walkman Era in Retrospective EventJuly 2, 2019Consumer Electronics, Market Watch
Sony Creates Sony Music Group for Recordings and PublishingJuly 23, 2019Industry, Previous Week
Sony Music Gives Artists Royalty Payments TransparencyMay 21, 2019Content, Previous Week
Sony/ATV Upgrades Royalty Payment SystemsAugust 6, 2019Previous Week
SoundCloud Joins in on Student DiscountingMarch 12, 2019Industry, Marketing, Previous Week, Services
SoundCloud Rebounds After Financial RescueApril 1, 2019Financial, Market Watch, Services
South Korea Music App, Melon, Accused of Stealing RoyaltiesJune 4, 2019Legal, Previous Week, World
Spotify Adds More Users, but User Revenue DeclinesAugust 6, 2019Financial, Previous Week
Spotify Could Be Europe’s First $50 Billion Tech GiantJune 11, 2019Financial, Market Watch, World
Spotify Extends Pre-Install Deal with SamsungMarch 12, 2019Deals, Industry, Marketing, Previous Week, Services
Spotify Gains One Million Users in IndiaMarch 5, 2019Previous Week, Services, World
Spotify Goes Lite in Power Grab for Emerging Market DominanceJuly 16, 2019Featured, Industry, World
Spotify Launches Free Music App Called Stations in the U.S.June 11, 2019Content, Previous Week
Spotify Lite for Lower-end Phones Arrives in IndiaMay 14, 2019Previous Week, Services, World
Spotify Opens Discover Playlist to Sponsors Outside U.S.July 30, 2019Marketing, Previous Week
Spotify Rolls Out Playlist for CommutersJune 18, 2019Content, Previous Week
Spotify Says It Overpaid Artists in 2018June 25, 2019Previous Week
Spotify Stock Isn’t Turning Heads, But Analysts Say It’s Only a Matter of TimeJuly 2, 2019Featured, Financial, Industry
Spotify Terminates Indie Music UploadsJuly 9, 2019Previous Week
Spotify, Amazon Chase Ad Revenue on Divergent PathsMay 7, 2019Featured, Financial, Marketing
Spotify, Apple Earnings Reports a Study in Contrast by Fierce CompetitorsAugust 6, 2019Featured, Financial
Start-up Near Raises $100 Million for Consumer Profiling AIJuly 23, 2019Market Watch, Marketing, Technology
Stream Ripper Voluntarily Disables YouTube ConversionJuly 30, 2019Previous Week
Stream Ripping Still Prevalent in the U.S. Says Industry ReportJune 4, 2019Industry, Legal, Previous Week
Streaming Services to Fight Copyright Royalty HikeMarch 12, 2019Content, Financial, Legal, Previous Week, Services
T-Mobile, Sprint Merger Gets U.S. ApprovalJuly 30, 2019Consumer Electronics, Legal, Market Watch
Taiwan’s Line Music Aims to Shake Up Asia MarketJuly 9, 2019Marketing, Previous Week, World
Tech Advances Open Door for Qobuz AudioMarch 7, 2019Featured, Industry, Services, Technology, World
Tencent Bid for Universal Music Plays OutMarch 1, 2019Deals, Financial, Previous Week, World
Tencent in Talks to Buy 10% of Universal Music GroupAugust 13, 2019Deals, Market Watch
Tencent Launches Video Streaming in Thailand, Eyes Asia ExpansionJune 18, 2019Market Watch, World
Tencent Music Poised for More Growth, Say AnalystsApril 1, 2019Financial, Market Watch, World
Tencent Music Profit Soars on Subscription SalesMay 14, 2019Previous Week, Services, World
Tencent Music’s Stock Enjoyed a Good Month of JuneJuly 9, 2019Financial, Market Watch, World
Teslas to Offer Netflix and YouTube Streaming, Says Elon MuskJuly 30, 2019Consumer Electronics, Market Watch
The UK Gets Its First, But Limited, 5G NetworkJune 4, 2019Industry, Market Watch, World
Top Streaming Brands Entangle Over Privacy as New U.S. Legislation LoomsMay 14, 2019Featured, Legal
U.S. Bill in the Works to Help Creators Fight InfringementMay 7, 2019Content, Legal
U.S. Copyright Office Approves Mechanical Licensing CollectiveJuly 9, 2019Industry, Legal, Previous Week
U.S. Government Approves Historic Privacy Fine on FacebookJuly 16, 2019Legal, Market Watch
U.S. Government Steps in to Change Children’s Online Privacy LawsJuly 23, 2019Content, Industry, Legal, Market Watch
U.S. Music Publishing Rides Industry Growth, Posts Record RevenuesJune 18, 2019Featured, Industry
U.S. Music Revenue Growing as Consumers Spend MoreApril 1, 2019Financial, Industry, Market Watch, World
UK Consumers Break Entertainment Streaming RecordAugust 13, 2019This Week, World
Unilever Joins Spotify for Voice Ad TestMay 7, 2019Deals, Marketing, Technology
Universal Music Group Enters AI PartnershipJune 11, 2019Market Watch, Technology
Universal, Dolby Create SoundscapesMay 28, 2019Previous Week, Technology
US-China Trade Riff Bites Into Apple StockMay 14, 2019Financial, Market Watch, World
Video Streamer Tubi Wants People to Cheat on NetflixAugust 6, 2019Market Watch, Marketing
Video Streaming Hours More than Doubled Last Year in U.S.August 13, 2019Consumer Electronics, Market Watch, Research
Vivendi in No Rush to Sell UMGJune 25, 2019Deals, Market Watch
Vivendi Says Sale of UMG Stake Will HappenMay 28, 2019Financial, Market Watch, World
Voice Rivalry Heats Up Smart Speaker GameMarch 5, 2019Deals, Featured, Marketing, Technology
Walmart Takes on Amazon in India with Free Streaming VideoAugust 6, 2019Market Watch, World
Warner Earnings Grow 21% from Music StreamingAugust 13, 2019Financial, This Week
Warner Music Group Acquires Slovakia’s Forza MusicJuly 9, 2019Market Watch, World
What Analysts Expect from Spotify Earnings in Q1April 1, 2019Financial, Market Watch, Services
White House Updates Artificial Intelligence StrategyJune 25, 2019Market Watch, Technology
World IP Organization Installs Block List to Combat PiracyJuly 16, 2019Industry, Legal, Market Watch, World
Xiami, MQA Partner for China’s First Ever High-Res StreamingJuly 16, 2019Deals, Previous Week, Technology
YouTube and Universal are Upgrading Classic Music VideosJune 25, 2019Content, Market Watch
YouTube Cracks Down Again on Stream RippingJuly 23, 2019Legal, Previous Week
YouTube Music Adds Feature for Downloading 500 SongsJuly 9, 2019Content, Previous Week
YouTube Music Adds Seven New CountriesMay 21, 2019Previous Week, World
YouTube Music Gives Students in India Cheaper RatesJune 4, 2019Previous Week, World
YouTube Music Joins the Race for IndiaMarch 12, 2019Featured, Services, World
YouTube Music Lets Users Seamlessly Switch Audio and VideoJuly 23, 2019Content, Previous Week
ZTE Beats Rival Huwaei for First 5G Phone in ChinaAugust 6, 2019Consumer Electronics, Market Watch, Technology, World
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