Google Play Store Gets New Interface, Apps Layout

Google Play Store Gets New Interface, Apps Layout

Google has announced a visual makeover to Google Play Store with changes that include a cleaner look-and-feel, new navigation and an easier way to to see app information

Most notably, Google has given two distinct sections for apps and games, and has removed the “Music” tab from the top-level navigation, likely ahead of planned changes to Google Play Music and YouTube Music.

The company created two separate tabs for Apps and Games in the App Store app’s main navigation to better direct users to the type of app content they want to browse. The Play Store had already broken out Apps and Games as part of a much larger navigational element at the top of the home page.

The redesign features a brighter, whiter and cleaner layout to the new navigation and updated app detail page layouts. It relocates the Play Store’s main navigation to the bottom of the screen, just like on the iOS App Store. It also distills navigation to just four tabs: Games, Apps, Movies & TV and Books.

Google says its decision to create two main tabs for apps and games will help it to “better serve users the right kind of content.”

Edited from TechCrunch