Google Pulls Back Support to Huawei Smartphones

The Chinese technology giant Huawei on Monday began to feel ripple effects of a Trump administration order restricting American companies from selling components and software to the company.

Google, in response to the the order, said it is cutting off support to Huawei for many Android hardware and software services. In isolating Huawei, the world’s second-largest smartphone maker, the Trump administration is escalating its dispute with Beijing and harming a company that the American authorities have accused of posing a national security risk.

Last year, Huawei phones were banned by networks including Verizon and AT&T after being labelled a security threat. 

After struggling to convince allies like Britain and Germany to block the use of Huawei telecommunications equipment, the United States is now effectively cutting it off from crucial American suppliers, including the makers of semiconductors.

The quick action by Google shows how some of the world’s largest companies are entangled in the growing Cold War between the United States and China over technology and trade.

The global technology industry has flourished in part because of the borderless nature of its digital products and services. It is now scrambling to account for the potential damage of a trade dispute between the world’s two largest economies.

Source: New York Times