Google Sources Say It has Acquired 15 Million Subscribers

Google’s paid music services have eclipsed 15 million subscribers, sources close to the company’s subscriber numbers have told Bloomberg.

The number is a milestone for a company that has struggled to build subscription media businesses.

According to Bloomberg, the figure includes subscribers to YouTube Music and Google Play Music, which is being folded into YouTube Music. The number also includes customers who are still on promotional trials.

Google is still a long way from the market leaders: Spotify has more than 100 million subscribers, while Apple has more than 50 million. But the progress is a good sign for an ad-supported company that has rarely gotten customers to pay for its services.

YouTube declined to comment on the total number of customers for its paid music service, but said subscribers to YouTube Music and Premium grew 60% between March 2018 and March of this year. Premium subscribers pay for the music service, as well as access to the regular YouTube without ads.

Source: Bloomberg