Hungama Launches Loyalty Program Across Southeast Asia

India-based Hungama Digital Media has introduced a new loyalty program called Hungama Rewards for its music and video streaming users.

Available across its music and video streaming platforms Hungama Music and Hungama Play, the program allows users to earn coins for every action they take on both services.

Coins earned can be redeemed for physical merchandise including fashion and technology products, and digital experiences like subscriptions, deals and offers on the Hungama Rewards platform, accessible through Hungama Music and Hungama Play apps and web interface.

Users will also have the option to redeem their coins for digital services like Hungama Music Pro and Hungama Play Pro subscriptions. They can also be redeemed for renting premium movies including the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Offers to redeem coins for lifestyle experiences like travel, food, and dining will also be introduced soon.

“We are delighted to launch the next version of Hungama Rewards, our patented gamification layered loyalty program. We want to make our users’ experience on the Hungama Music and Hungama Play apps to be rewarding all the way,” said Hungama Digital Media Founder & CEO Neeraj Roy

To enjoy Hungama Rewards, users must log in on Hungama Music and Hungama Play apps using the same id, either social media accounts, email ids or mobile numbers. As an integrated program for both the streaming services, coins earned on either get added to the user’s profile.

Source: Television Post