Apple Accused of Selling iTunes and Apple Music User Data

A class action suit has been filed against Apple in a U.S. District Court on behalf of all Apple users by iTunes customers claiming that Apple profits from sharing the data it has about its users, including their history of music listening preferences.

The suit seeks to represent hundreds of thousands of residents of their home states who allegedly had their personal listening information disclosed without their consent. It states that the “aggregate amount in controversy exceeds $5,000,000.” 

The disclosure of iTunes customers’ personal data isn’t only unlawful but can also be dangerous because it allows for targeting vulnerable members of society, according to the complaint.

“For example, any person or entity could rent a list with the names and addresses of all unmarried, college-educated women over the age of 70 with a household income of over $80,000 who purchased country music from Apple via its iTunes Store mobile application,” the customers said. “Such a list is available for sale for approximately $136 per thousand customers listed.”

Source: Bloomberg