Millennials Listen to Audio More than Any Other Generation

Millennial audio consumption in the U.S. is booming, with the demographic listening to audio more than any other generation, according to an Ipsos study conducted for iHeartRadio.

While iHeartRadio happens to be an internet-based radio aggregator, many of the findings from its latest study corroborate recent trends shown in other reports conducted independently.

The report found that radio reaches more consumers than any other audio channel, with 85 percent of consumers listening to a radio broadcast at least once per week, outpacing social media at 68 percent and live television at 56 percent.

On a daily basis, it said, radio has more than twice the listenership of audio streaming services, with 69 percent of consumers tuning in to the radio at least once a day compared to streaming’s 34 percent.

“Radio has long been a trusted companion for people of all ages,” said iHeartRadio’s chief marketing officer Gayle Troberman in a statement. “The only difference now versus decades ago is that today people can enjoy that connection anywhere they are across a variety of platforms.”

While millennials were found to be the largest demographic for audio consumption, they weren’t alone in their enjoyment of radio, podcasts and music streaming services. According to the study, Americans of all ages listen to an average of 17.2 hours of audio per week, with millennials topping the list at 18.8 hours per week each and baby boomers coming in last at 15 hours per week.

The study also credits the rise of smart speakers with bolstering radio’s continued popularity, finding that homes with smart speakers spend 47 percent more time listening to radio during prime hours than homes without them.

The study surveyed more than 6,000 consumers between the ages of 13 and 64 across the U.S. who listen to at least one audio platform weekly.

Source: AdAge