Most UK Adults are Using Voice Assistants Daily

Adults in the United Kingdom with a smart speaker or voice assistant-powered device use them frequently, according to a newly published survey from Code Computerlove.

Around 70% of voice assistant device owners use them every day, and 90% use them at least once a week.

The survey asked 1,000 British smart speaker owners about their devices, how they use them, and what they think about them. The results were then compared to a similar survey from 16 months earlier.

The trend pointed decidedly upward for how often the device owners turn to their voice assistants.

The daily use percentage rose 30% from the previous year and weekly use is up 10%. A full 20% of the respondents are what the survey described as heavy users, interacting with their voice assistant a minimum of five times a day.

People aren’t always talking to a voice assistant on a single device. The survey found that 30% of device owners have more than one of them in their home. The survey didn’t ask if the respondents have a mix of different voice assistants or stuck to one in particular, but statistically, all of those devices support the Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

Alexa is far and away the most popular option, owned by 80% of the group surveyed. That’s well ahead of the 28% who own a Google Home device and dwarfs the mere 3% with an Apple HomePod. That matches the stats from the earlier survey, except that Apple’s percentage has gotten slightly smaller a trend we also see in the US.

Source: Code Computerlove