New Research Says Smart Speaker Ownership has Fallen

The most recent survey by Adobe’s digital research group finds a surprising drop in U.S. ownership of smart speakers from companies like Amazon, Alphabet’s Google, and Apple.

According to the study, which queried a group of about 1,000 Americans, smart speaker ownership fell to 25% of those surveyed, from 36% in January.

That marks a sharp change in the trend—previous editions of the survey found ownership to be 32% last August, and 28% in January 2018.

Other findings from the Adobe survey include:

  • One in four smart speaker owners have heard an ad on their device, mostly while listening to music or podcasts, searching, or checking news
  • 43% of those surveyed find ads on smart speakers less intrusive than other formats—that figure is up from 38% in the January survey
  • 42% find smart speaker ads more engaging than ads on other platforms, up from 39% in the previous survey
  • The most popular use cases for smart speakers remain consistent: music, weather, “asking fun questions,” reminders and alarms, and news are the top five. Shopping is much further down the list.

Source: Barron’s