Pandora is Now Listing Full Song Credits

Pandora will now present full song credits for millions of songs to all tiers of Pandora users and include everything from who played the keyboards, to who contributed audio engineering, and to who helped write the lyrics or compose the melody.

Pandora is positioning the feature specifically as a remedy to one of the pitfalls of the streaming era, where music’s digitization and effectively free availability across the internet can downplay the artists, engineers, musicians, and other talented professionals contributed to a track.

“Music’s physical-to-digital evolution has given rise to an era of unprecedented music discovery, but it has sometimes made it difficult to find the kind of credits and information that used to live on LP sleeves and CD inserts,” the company said in its announcement.

Digital music services have come under increased pressure in recent years to list the songwriters, producers and session musicians who are all credited. Spotify started adding songwriter credits last year, while to date Tidal has been most thorough in posting credits.

Source: Pandora