Pandora Launches Audio Consultancy for Advertisers

Pandora, the largest music streaming service in the U.S., has announced the launch of Studio Resonate, an in-house consultancy that provides advertisers with audio creative development, sonic branding and strategy services.

Other services to be offered by the Studio Resonate include visual design, rich media production, web / mobile experiences, and live activations.

“We are launching Studio Resonate with the understanding that if a brand doesn’t have a holistic audio strategy, it is not being heard,” said Lauren Nagel, VP and executive creative director at Pandora. “Our ears are uniquely powerful. They are active sensors that attend to our emotional and physical well-being – and they are always on. Sound is an inherently interactive experience that creates a personal connection and engagement in ways that no other medium can.”

Pandora has provided these services to advertising clients for years. The launch of Studio Resonate marks the first time this creative offering will sit under one brand. The range of services offered to advertisers is tied to the volume of media that they buy on Pandora.

Source: Pandora