Pandora Launches Voice Mode Hands-free Assistant

Voice Mode, Pandora’s new personalized voice assistant, is now available to all Pandora mobile users on iOS and Android across all tiers of the service.

Users can control the Pandora app with the sound of their voice in a natural, conversational way “like talking with a friend who knows your tastes inside and out.”

To activate Voice Mode on Pandora, users tap the microphone icon in the search bar. Once enabled, it will respond to a wake phrase such as “Hey, Pandora” followed by a voice command. Pandora will then play a personalized selection.

Other music services such as Spotify let users request songs and playlists using voice. But with Spotify, users must long-press the search button to activate voice control.

Pandora’s hands-free assistant can respond without touching the phone and respond to a broader range of questions, the company said. Users can thumb up or down a song or tell Pandora to skip a song, from across the room using their voice. Users can also change the radio station they’re listening to with a simple voice command.

Source: Pandora