Pandora Boosts Music Discovery in Mobile Overhaul

Pandora unveiled a complete overhaul of its mobile experience this week aimed at enhancing personalized discovery of content on its platform and giving its users more exposure to its on-demand music and podcasts.

For You, a new destination within Pandora’s mobile app, is a personalized, dynamically updating discovery feed providing new, custom-curated recommendations for music and podcasts based on each user’s unique listening history, the day of the week and the time of day.

Modules are created for each user in over 35 categories such as Moods, Decades and Artists on the Rise, and they are populated based on users’ unique interests, content they have engaged with the most and likes or dislikes based on what they have thumbed-up or thumbed-down.

Listeners on Pandora’s free ad-supported tier and Pandora Plus can gain access to Pandora Premium content surfaced in For You by viewing short video ads.

Pandora Modes, which debuted on the web in March, is now part of the mobile app. The feature enables people to control the types of songs played on their Pandora Stations via selectable modes such as: Crowd Faves, which serves up the songs that are most liked by other listeners; Artist Only, songs only by the station artist; and Discovery, which brings up more songs by artists that aren’t usually played on those stations.

Pandora said in a release, “Pandora Modes lets users ‘lean in’ just a bit from the ‘lean back’ radio-style Pandora experience they know and love by influencing what will be played next, but letting Pandora pick the specific songs they’ll like the most, creating even more opportunities for discovery and further personalizing their Pandora experience.”

The navigation bar has been moved from the top of the screen in the Pandora app to the bottom, making it easier for users to access and search for content.

Pandora said its mobile experience revamp follows its debut of Podcasts on Pandora last December, July’s introduction of a Voice Mode smart assistant and other new features including dark mode and integration with Apple’s Siri digital assistant.

SiriusXM/Pandora chief product officer and head of technology Chris Phillips said in the release, “The new Pandora mobile app takes down the walls and allows all users to have access to the same amazing experience, no matter which tier of service they use. We’ve taken our success with Premium Access and combined it with innovative new discovery features like For You and Modes to unlock the full breadth of the Pandora experience for all users like never before.”

Source: Adweek