Stream Ripper Voluntarily Disables YouTube Conversion

Online Video Converter, the most used stream-ripping site on the Internet, says it has voluntarily disabled conversion and downloading of YouTube videos.

The decision is a result of YouTube’s efforts to block servers of several stream-ripping sites, one attempting to thwart “violative” downloads, as YouTube has described.

Online Video Converter gained popularity by allowing users to convert and download videos from a wide variety of platforms.

The site has operated without intervention for years. YouTube decided to  block servers of so-called stream-rippers, hoping to block their illegal conversion services.

While this worked initially, many stream-ripping sites quickly found ways to circumvent the blockade. In many cases, switching to new IP-addresses worked, but only temporarily. This was also true for Online Video Converter until now.

“In view of YouTube’s latest stance, we’ve decided to disable the conversion of all YouTube videos on our service,” Online Video Converter says.

Source: TorrentFreak