High-res Audio Surging Among Labels, Says RIAA

The Recording Industry of America (RIAA) has revealed how many high-resolution music titles are available in the United States for downloads and streaming.    

The Washington, D.C.-based trade organization compiled research that shows more than 33,500 albums (or 400,000 tracks) of studio-quality formats are currently accessible to listeners. That’s a 29 percent increase over a year ago, due largely to major labels releasing 1,000 studio-quality albums per month.

Studio quality is defined as both hi-res audio (48khz/20-bit or higher) and the studio production format of 44.1 kHz/24-bit audio).     

Data further shows the distribution of hi-res albums to be rather top-heavy: 77 percent of the RIAA’s highest gold- and platinum-certified records, 79 percent of one major streaming service’s top 100 all-time streamed tracks, 78 percent of Soundscan’s top 100 albums of last year, and 68 percent of one major streaming service’s top weekly tracks.  

Source: Billboard