Rights Lawsuit Against Apple and Others Alleges “Massive Music Piracy”

The estate of the man responsible for composing Over the Rainbow and numerous other classic songs is suing Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Pandora for selling unauthorized recordings of some of the songwriter’s most famous music.

The lawsuit, on behalf of composer Harold Arlen, says the companies are involved in a “massive music piracy operation” involving over 6,000 pirated recordings.

Arlen composed some of the most famous soundtracks of the 20th Century for Hollywood films and Broadway musicals alike, including the song, Over the Rainbow. He died in 1986.

The lawsuit claims that online retailers are selling and streaming these recordings with the full knowledge that they’re unauthorized.

The filing makes 216 claims across its 148 pages. Along with the big tech companies, it also claims numerous distributors provided music catalogs containing the unauthorized recordings. It demands an end to the infringement in addition to the payment of damages and attorneys’ fees.

Source: Forbes