Roku Adds Remote Control App to Apple Watch

OTT device maker Roku announced the launch of an Apple Watch app that users control their Roku device, including Roku media players and select Roku TVs, with a tap on the wrist.

In addition to basic media controls, it includes a way to launch favorite channels, which are organized in order of the most recently launched to make them easier to access. That way, if a user always watches Netflix, she don’t have to scroll down to find it.

The tiny app also includes voice search functionality. To activate, a user taps the voice icon, then say things like “Launch Hulu” or “search for comedies,” or even change sources, like “switch to HDMI 1” for your Roku TV, the company explains. This will work on Apple Watch versions 1 through 5.

For Roku Ultra or a Roku TV, a user gets an audible chime to locate a lost remote control in the couch cushions, or use the app to signal your Roku remote to start making a noise.

All these features will be familiar to anyone who has already used the Roku remote for smartphones, as the Apple Watch app is just a miniaturized version.

To get the Roku Apple Watch app, consumers need to download or update your Roku iOS app to the latest version (6.1.3), and the app will appear on the watch as long as it hasn’t disabled “Automatic App Install” in the Watch’s Settings.

Source: TechCrunch