Rolling Stone Finally Launches Its Music Charts

Rolling Stone is finally launching RS Charts, an interactive set of music charts that update on a daily basis.

The music industry has awaited Rolling Stone’s roll out since last month, when the publication announced it would be delayed, offering no further specifics.

RS Charts rely on an analytics company called Alpha Data and feature five categories: Rolling Stone Top 100 Songs, Rolling Stone Top 200 Albums, Rolling Stone Artists 500, Rolling Stone Trending 25 and Rolling Stone Breakthrough 25.

Rolling Stone Top 100 and Rolling Stone Top 200 are similar to that of Billboard’s Hot 100 and Top 200, while the Rolling Stone Trending 25 focuses on songs that gain the most audio streams within a week’s span. Rolling Stone Artists 500 focuses on the most popular artists, and Rolling Stone Breakthrough 25 highlights rising artists.

“We offer deeper, more granular insights into music than what’s ever been available to the public, and focus on the metrics most reflective of current listening habits as well,” Rolling Stone said about the introduction. “Stay tuned for exciting further announcements and updates to the project as well, including new charts. We’re thrilled to have you join Rolling Stone as we welcome this new chapter in our dynamic history.”

Currently, the No. 1 album on Rolling Stone’s Top 200 is Help Us Stranger by the Raconteurs.

Source: Rolling Stone