Rolling Stone Postpones Music Streaming Chart

The anticipated launch of Rolling Stone magazine’s new music charts has been postponed, according to an update the magazine released over the weekend.

The new charts, in a challenge to longtime leader Billboard, were first announced in Vanity Fair magazine last week.

They will include top 100 songs, top 200 albums, top 500 streaming artists, trending 25 artists and breakthrough 25 artists.

“In the past year, Rolling Stone has significantly increased its coverage of the music business — fitting for a time when streaming is changing everything, the industry is evolving rapidly, and fascinating business stories arise every day,” the company stated on its website. “We recently announced the next phase of this evolution: Rolling Stone Charts, which will offer an in-depth and in-the-moment view of the biggest songs, albums and artists in music.”

“While we had initially targeted a public beta launch of May 13th, we are instead going to remain in private beta for just a while longer to optimize with our industry partners and fully ensure the smoothness of our presentation,” it said.

“We’ll be announcing a new public launch date shortly,” it concluded.

Rolling Stone’s charts will be powered by Alpha Data, the data company Rolling Stone’s parent company, Penske Media, acquired a stake in last year.

Source: Rolling Stone