Samsung launches Bixby Marketplace in the U.S. and Korea

Samsung has opened a new app store for its voice assistant Bixby so that Galaxy users can discover new shortcuts they can use.

Called Bixby Marketplace, users can browse for Bixby “capsules” that let users easily access certain functionalities of an app with a voice command.

Bixby already offers quick commands that integrate with third-party apps, but the marketplace makes it easier to browse through different categories of apps, like games, productivity, travel, and music.

Users can also customize capsules. For example, if they prefer to use Uber or Lyft, they can select the transportation capsule to always request Uber rides when you ask Bixby for a car to the airport. Popular third-party apps include Spotify, Yelp, YouTube, NPR, and Google Maps.

Samsung says Bixby Marketplace and its capsules won’t allow visual ads, though it isn’t clear if audio-based ads will be allowed.

With the launch of Bixby Marketplace, Samsung is hoping to get more developers on the Bixby platform and says it plans to unveil more later this fall at Samsung’s developer conference in San Jose, CA.

Source: Samsung