SiriusXM Adds Dedicated Pandora Content Team

In SiriusXM’s latest update to Pandora since acquiring it last month, the satellite radio giant this week announced the first-ever dedicated original content team at Pandora Media.

Led by SiriusXM’s Chief Content Officer Scott Greenstein, the new initiative will create original music, sports and talk content for Pandora listeners. That will come in the form of full-time channels and shows, podcasts, playlists, spoken-word pieces married with music, events and live performances and even interactive channels.

The idea, Greenstein says, is to take advantage of both platforms’ strengths, increase listening hours and create “buzz” around Pandora. SiriusXM finalized its $3.5 billion purchase of Pandora in early February. 

“We now have two great platforms to work with, and to offer that to artists and content creators,” Greenstein says. “Because we have dedicated teams at both Pandora and SiriusXM that are experts in programming, and now the Pandora audience and experience, it allows us to take programming elements that make SiriusXM great and make them available to the Pandora audience.”

The content team includes Pandora’s vp of content and programming Alex White, vp of label relations Jeff Zuchowski, vp of editorial content Bill Crandall and head of podcasts and entertainment content partnerships Lindsay Bowen. In addition to overseeing Pandora’s content team, Greenstein will continue to lead all of SiriusXM’s programming.

“We can now approach content providers and artists with a much larger, multi-faceted platform,” Greenstein adds.

The new content team comes on the heels of Pandora’s launch last week of its new artist marketing tool Pandora Stories. Touted as a way to fuse the benefits of playlists and podcasts, the feature allows creators on the platform to intersperse voice tracks between songs on a playlist.

Source: SiriusXM