SiriusXM Gives Users Major Personalization Upgrade

SiriusXM has upgraded its streaming services with new personalized stations powered by Pandora, access to new music channels, and more exclusive video content.

The company is also expanding subscriber access to SiriusXM content on devices like iPhone, Apple TV, the web, and more at no cost.

SiriusXM Select customers will also get access to over 100 recently launched Xtra Music Channels curated across genres and eras for any mood, occasion or activity, inside or outside the car.

This coincides with an expanded preview of SiriusXM Video that unlocks more from SiriusXM’s On Demand Archive. Subscribers can see hundreds of videos including in-studio performances, behind-the-scenes moments, and more.

Subscribers to the SiriusXM All Access and SiriusXM Premier Streaming packages can also create their own customized commercial-free music stations within the SiriusXM app, named Personalized Stations Powered by Pandora.

The new app uses Pandora’s listener personalization technology, driven by its pioneering Music Genome Project, and sdraw from SiriusXM’s vast music library.

“Tens of millions of SiriusXM Select subscribers now get access to SiriusXM outside the car, and the many benefits of the SiriusXM app, at no additional cost,” said Jennifer Witz, SiriusXM’s President, Sales, Marketing and Operations.

“We are also especially proud that only six months after completing the merger with Pandora, our teams have brought unique music personalization to the SiriusXM app using Pandora’s industry-leading technology for our millions of All Access and Premier Streaming customers,” she said.

Source: SiriusXM