Sony Music Gives Artists Royalty Payments Transparency

Sony Music today will include two new payment features for its artists, “Real Time Royalties” and “Cash Out,” in its artist portal beginning this fall.

In a memo sent to artists, Sony Music says the features will “allow our artists and royalty participants to view and withdraw earnings faster than ever before.”

“Once launched, Real Time Royalties, available anytime, anywhere through the Sony Music Artist Portal, will provide immediate updates about your global royalty earnings and account balances as soon as we receive financial reporting from hundreds of digital distribution services on a monthly basis,” the memo said.

“This major speed improvement eliminates the need to wait for periodic reporting cycles to see your royalty earnings and account balances,” the memo commented. “You’ll also be able to use the Sony Music Artist Portal’s industry‐leading analytics capabilities to interpret your Real Time Royalties data in robust and powerful ways.”

“Cash Out will give you even greater control over your money by providing you with the ability to request a  withdrawal of all or part of your payable balance every month using the Sony Music Artist Portal,” the memo continued.

The memo concludes by saying the service is provided to Sony Music artists free of charge.

Source: Billboard