Spotify Adds Siri Support on iOS 13, Joins Apple TV

Spotify announced this week that its iOS 13 app would now offer Siri support and its streaming will also become available on Apple TV.

Spotify users can now request their favorite music or podcasts using Siri voice commands, by preferencing the command with “Hey Siri, play…,” followed by the audio desired and concluding the command with “on Spotify.”

According to Spotify, Siri support will also work over Apple AirPods, on CarPlay and via AirPlay on Apple HomePod. The Spotify iOS app update will include support for iPhone’s new data-saver mode when bandwidth is an issue.

Pandora, Google Maps and Waze were among the first to adopt Siri integration when it became available in iOS 13, an indication that some of Apple’s chief rivals have been ready and willing to launch Siri support as soon as it was possible.

Apple TV users are also getting official apps for both Spotify and Amazon-owned video streaming service Twitch, expanding the range of audio and video content available on Apple’s media player.

Spotify’s app includes a minimalist “now playing” screen that displays the currently playing track in the center of two prior tracks and two upcoming tracks for easy forward and backward navigation through its music streams. It also offers subscribers access to their Spotify libraries, recently played music, and numerous playlists, as well as a search feature and in-app settings.

The free app eliminates the need for third-party Spotify clients, which charged as much as $10 just to enable Spotify streaming on the tvOS platform. Users will still need a Spotify account to use the service.

Source: TechCrunch