Spotify Extends Pre-Install Deal with Samsung

Spotify and Samsung announced this week, timed with the retail launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S10, the expansion of their partnership to make Spotify a pre-installed application on a range of Samsung devices.

In addition, U.S. consumers buying the new Galaxy S10 will qualify for six months of free Spotify Premium access if they’re new customers, Spotify said.

The two companies had not offered many more details about their partnership plans since the announcement last year, saying only that a lot of discussions were taking place. However, a move to pre-install Spotify on Samsung phones was likely under consideration from day one — especially after the 2016 failure of Samsung;s own Milk Music streaming service.

At the time of Milk Music’s closure, Samsung said it would shift to investing in a partner model for integrating the “best” music services onto its Galaxy family of devices. Picking Spotify as a key strategic partner made sense, as it’s a clear frontrunner in the space and one that’s not operated by a tech giant like Google’s YouTube Music/Google Play Music, Apple Music or Amazon Music.

The Spotify-Samsung partnership not only means that Spotify now gets deeper integration on devices and services, like Bixby, it could potentially allow the two companies to work together on under the hood, cross-platform integrations, as well. This could benefit Spotify’s ambitious podcasting plans, as listeners could pick up where they left off as they switch between devices. That wouldn’t have necessarily been possible without a device partnership like this.

Spotify says the expanded Samsung partnership will see the music service pre-installed on “millions” of Samsung devices worldwide.

Source: Engadget