Spotify Lets Users Add Podcasts to Playlists

Spotify has added a new feature that allows users to add podcasts to playlists. With it, users can create their own custom playlists of their favorite podcasts, and even those that with music and audio — similar to Spotify’s own newly-launched “Your Daily Drive.”

With “Your Daily Drive,” Spotify uses its personalization engine to combine both music and news from select sources. But with the ability to now build your own podcast-filled playlists, users won’t have to entirely rely on Spotify curation.

Users can build their own podcast playlists by tapping the three-dot menu to the right of the podcast episode and then “Add to playlist.” They can either add it to a playlist they’ve already created build a new one and add more content to it, including music.

The company says this functionality is something users have regularly requested since the integration of podcasts to its music streaming service.

But many podcasts release new episodes every week or so — and users don’t want to get stuck constantly building playlists. Instead, the feature makes more sense for curating a set of podcasts around a theme or organizing a set for listening when the time is right.

Once a podcast playlist has been created, it can be shared with friends or the public, just as music playlists are shared.

Source: TechCrunch