Spotify Lite for Lower-end Phones Arrives in India

After successful tests in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, and Brazil, Spotify Lite is available for download on Google Play.

Spotify Lite uses only 8.47 MB of storage, making it an option for older and lower-end phones with limited storage and power.

The new service accommodates the growing penetration of affordable mobile phones in India, namely feature phones, which are low-storage, low-power smartphone alternatives.

Much like Spotify’s normal app, Spotify Lite brings core functionality to play music as well as discover new songs and artists through the platform’s algorithm.

The Spotify Lite app also has features that help users track storage, giving them control over the cache and ability to clear it. The Lite version also promises to work when the network drops to 3G and 2G for users in areas where there is bad network reception or are using a low-speed connection to Spotify’s servers.

The lighter app can be downloaded separately and can be used either alongside or independently from the main Spotify app.

Source: Spotify