Spotify Opens Discover Playlist to Sponsors Outside U.S.

Spotify is offering brands in the U.K. a first-ever opportunity to sponsor Discover Weekly, the music-streaming service’s customized playlist that is updated every Monday. 

British telecom service Vodafone will be the first sponsor and will promote its 4G and 5G plans.

The playlist was previously only available for sponsorship in the U.S. Spotify is also opening up sponsorship to brands in Canada, Australia and Latin America.

Rak Patel, Spotify’s head of U.K. sales, said: “We see that Discover Weekly listeners stream on Spotify more than double the amount of users who don’t listen to the playlist.”

“The reason is simple: personalization,” he said. “The more personalized the content, the more engagement we see. Consumers have come to expect personalization every time they engage with a brand and marketers are eager to meet this demand. We’re excited to have Vodafone as a first partner as we bring this unique experience to U.K. advertisers.”

Source: Campaign