Spotify Tests Real-time Lyric Synching

Spotify confirmed this week it is testing a synced lyrics feature on its mobile app, where lyrics scroll in time with the music.

Spotify said the test is running in a limited number of markets, but it hasn’t yet said which regions have access. But based on various user reports, Canada, Indonesia and Mexico appear to be among the test markets.

The feature, which is powered by Musixmatch, sits beneath the playback controls where other enhancements like Behind the Lyrics or Storyline currently appear. Users say they can view the lyrics in a full-screen experience.

Spotify had lyrics support on the desktop several years ago, but the feature was later removed. Since then, users have asked when it would return. In Spotify’s user feedback community, for example, a request asking the company to “bring back lyrics” was upvoted more than 14,300 times.

Currently, neither Spotify’s desktop or mobile app has lyrics support, with a few exceptions including Japan, and Vietnam and Thailand, where they’re powered by LyricFind. It also regularly runs tests like this, so this is not a confirmation of a near-term launch.

Source: TechCrunch