Spotify Trails Pandora in Customer Satisfaction Study

Spotify Trails Pandora in Customer Satisfaction Study

A new report from Strategy Analytics shows that consumers were more satisfied with Spotify than Pandora, but Spotify consumers were three times more likely to be frustrated by its customer service provision than those using Pandora.

The study, which investigated the customer satisfaction and UX pain points of consumer media platforms, in this case Spotify and Pandora, found that:

  • From the analysis of over 2,100 reviews on-line in the US, overall, consumers rated Spotify 4.07 out of five (stars) while Pandora was rated 3.54 out of five (stars).
  • Issues related to the app or software drove most consumer dissatisfaction and was found to be far greater for Pandora consumers, than Spotify. Both services had received recent app updates.
  • Pandora users are more likely to switch to Spotify. Pandora users mentioning Spotify in their reviews were found to be far more negative towards Pandora than Spotify users mentioning Pandora.

Strategy Analytics examined more than 500 2- and 1-star reviews across both services. More than half were related to a poor app experience. This equated to a third of Spotify users noting such issues compared to nearly three quarters of Pandora users. Recent app updates have caused significant issues, according to the study.

“The app experience is very important to music streamers,” said Adam Thorwart, lead analyst for then study. “Simply put, if the app is not working as expected then the consumer will have a negative experience.”

Edited from BusinessWire