U.S. Bill in the Works to Help Creators Fight Infringement

A new bill is in progress in the United States to create a copyright small claims court that would help independent music creators protect their work.

The bill would allow creators without the resources to engage in costly litigation the opportunity to still protect their work. Without a small claims court, creators are must resort to a federal court, which can entail high expense.

The U.S. Copyright Office explained in its statement that “copyright owners can use U.S. copyright law to pursue certain unauthorized uses, including by filing lawsuits in federal district courts. Not all of these copyright owners, however, have the same resources to bring a federal lawsuit, which can require substantial time, money, and effort.”

To introduce the bill, the U.S. Congress has asked the U.S. Copyright Office to study the challenges of the current system for resolving small copyright claim disputes, as well as possible alternative systems.

Source: U.S. Copyright Office