World IP Organization Installs Block List to Combat Piracy

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which is part of the United Nations, has launched a new database it has named ‘Building Respect for Intellectual Property’ (BRIP) to combat piracy of copyrighted work on the Internet.

The list allows WIPO member states to report problematic sites and share the list with advertisers so that they can block them, thereby cutting revenue to them. It will also help brands that don’t want their products or services appearing on copyright-infringing websites.

“The intention is to reduce the flow of money to illegal website operators,” siad the WIPO, “Pur intention is to protect brands from tarnishment and to reduce the risk that legitimate advertising may lend an appearance of legality to illegal websites, to the confusion of consumers.”

Each member state may appoint their own designated submitters who can add suspected pirate sites to the database. Additionally, local member states don’t have to set up their own blocklist systems.

WIPO’s role is to administer the technical platform, assist contributors and users, and promote the BRIP database to a broad audience so that stakeholders from all over the world can benefit from each other’s work.

Source: WIPO