KFC Rolls Out Branded Playlist on Streets of Paris

KFC, the world’s second largest restaurant chain, is now promoting a branded Spotify playlist called “Bucket Bangers” in a multi-level ad campaign on the streets of Paris.

The Bucket Bangers playlist, compiled by the Paris office of global creative agency, Sid Lee, includes tracks calling out the iconic fast-food restaurant brand, which have been numerous over the years.

The playlist will be promoted through Spotify banners and guerrilla outdoor ads that feature lyrics from the songs. 

Tracks included are Kanye West’s “Touch the Sky,” which features the line “Me and my girl split the buffet at KFC,” as well as French track Déchiré by Orelsan & Gringe, which contains the rather grander proclamation “Donne-moi du caviar tous les jours, j’irai au KFC” (Give me caviar every day, I’ll go to KFC). The Beastie Boys, MIA and Public Enemy also appear on the list. 

In a $2.6 billion music branding market, occupied mostly by live music promotions, branded, curated playlists are emerging among brands as a way to engage customers.

Starbucks, and fashion brands H&M and Forever21, are already using curated Spotify playlists to engage their brand with customers.

Source: Ad Age