YouTube Music Adds Feature for Downloading 500 Songs

YouTube Music has given its Offline Mixtape feature a sizable enhancement by enabling users to download up to 500 tracks for offline listening than just the current 100.

The new enhancement, called Smart Downloads, will automatically download tracks based on listening habits. Users will need to be a YouTube Music Premium subscriber or have one of the older YouTube/Play Music plans to access it.

Smart Downloads lets users save tracks to their phones over home WiFi, so the app won’t eat into mobile data allowances. Users can listen to the songs whether or not they have a data connection.

Five hundred is the maximum possible number of tracks to download, but it can be set to a lower amount if desired.

YouTube Music will download tracks using an algorithm, which factors in existing Offline Mixtape tracks, ‘liked’ tracks, and favorited playlists and albums.

Source: TechRadar