YouTube Music Lets Users Seamlessly Switch Audio and Video

The small toggle button that YouTube Music gives users to switch between audio and video has been updated with two larger ones on YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium.

Subscribers will now see Song and Video buttons and be able to switch from one or the other without interrupting play.

If users don’t want to watch video, they can go to the app’s settings and turn off the music video option by toggling the ‘Don’t play music videos’ option.

YouTube says it has “perfectly time-matched” about five million official music videos to their respective audio tracks, which means that one won’t miss a few seconds of the track while flipping between audio and video modes.

“Users will notice a video button at the top of the screen as they start listening to a song, and with a simple tap, they can instantly start watching the music video or flip back to the audio at the same point in the track,” the company said in its blog.

The new option is now available on Android and iOS. 

Source: YouTube